March Astro

Helping Hand

Here we are folks. There’s a feeling in the skies that the real beginning of 2021 is upon us. And I don’t just mean because it’s the beginning of the astrological new year, when the Sun moves into Aries late March. But HNY anyway ?

March feels easier. If you are after more excitement and drama (though please, do tell, why??), hang in there until the end of the month. But if you are after a break, some assistance, a little breathing space – here it is. No retrogrades. No planetary pile-ups. No overblown, hyperbolic scary bits to saturate your news feed. Just an ordinary month.

Now breathe.

And exhale.

This month we celebrate more than just calmer astro weather as old Sol, our mighty life-giving Sun, saunters into Aries for the Equinox. A time of rebirth for our Northern hemisphere pals. A time to slow down and embrace the cooler seasons for us Southerners. We may feel utterly inspired, or happily delusional, as the Sun meets with Neptune in the first half of the month, then dallies with Venus in the second half. Go with it, it’s been a tough year since they last danced together. But know that while the dance may be fleeting, the consequences, not so. Be true to yourself, but maintain integrity for your dance partner/s.

My Astrological Stars of the Show this month are planetoid Chiron and asteroid Ceres. Chiron’s astrological glyph reminds us of a key, but to which door? Ceres is nurturing and motherly, but at what cost? Her glyph looks like a question mark – almost – yet there is a line through the centre of the question. Our boundaries shift with our moods, our desires, our age, and stage, in life. Our boundaries meet those of others in our sphere. How do we ensure our concept of our loving, nurturing selves does not cross the line between loving guidance and plain old interference?

This month we get a helping hand.

Many of them actually. There are opportunities a-plenty of assistance, guidance, mentors and all round good feelings and support. We will offer the same. This will, of course, require effort on our part. To recognise support when it is offered. To accept the wisdom of others when it is shared. To recognise mentors when they appear, even though they may be clothed differently to what we expect.

There are plenty of opportunities for inspiration to strike, and better yet, take form. Plans made will bear fruit. Patience may be lacking, especially later in the month as planetary activity steps up a gear. But patience is a virtue, and a much better aspiration than any of the ‘seven sins’. We had plenty of time to indulge those delightful terrors in 2020. Perhaps it’s time to focus on wholehearted goodness? The word ‘integrity’ keeps springing to the front and centre of my mind.

The struggle to strive for temperance in the last few days of March is real.

There may be a hunger that cannot be satiated, a divine discontent that we cannot locate the cause of.

As above, so below. Look to the night sky. Enjoy the morning sunrise.

Take a moment to appreciate You, and your story. And accept that every human you meet has their own tale to tell. Or not.

We each have our own troubles and joys.

We all have a history.

We breathe.

We exhale.

Be kind.

Be well.

? 2 – karamel @ Pixabay

? 1 + 3 – Stellarlee Astrology


February 2021

February Astrology – Break on Through: Old vs New

The Major Astrological Event on everyone’s calendar this month is the looming tension between the mighty Titan, Saturn (Cronos) & his father, the Original Earth God, Uranus.

Exact on February 18th in Australia, this battle between the old ways & the inevitable new will stir up all kinds of emotions as the Moon brings up the deep feels. We know change must happen but feel restricted in our options. How to move forward through restrictions & constrictions, whether this will be external or internal will depend on how active this square is in your birth chart.

There is assistance available through the whole of February from a helpful aspect to Saturn from the centaur planetoid Chiron. When we see where we need to push through broken down structures in our life, kindly Chiron is ready to assist us in healing through educating ourselves or seeking outside counsel to shift what no longer serves us. Breakthroughs may not be gentle, but they will be just the panacea we needed. Even if we only realise in hindsight.

And there will be plenty of hindsight happening, with everyone’s favourite retrograde here again, already. Mercury will be moving backwards across the loaded Aquarian skies until 21st February. When the old Trickster goes retrograde through Air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra), as it will for the next twelve months or so, we find our thoughts turning to how we communicate in our relationships – are we being heard clearly? Are we listening properly? Is there clarity in our words, our mind? Do we understand what we are being told?

Aquarius is a Fixed sign so there may be a few stubborn overgrown pathways that need to be cleared to find a less cluttered trail to walk on in our journey forward. Retrograde or not, forward is the only direction Aquarian energy is focused on. Get with the program by tearing it up & starting afresh.

After all this pondering about how we communicate, the best time to have any difficult conversations will come later in the month. By doing the work on ourselves first, we will be better equipped to deal with the outcome when we start to give voice to our new way of thinking, speaking, hearing. The future may look so bright we have to wear shades when we are in our own mind, but a gently, gently approach will work wonders in our conversations with others. If we run up against walls & boundaries at this time, then we must respect them. Not everyone will be receptive to lightening fast change.  

The end of February brings a sense of feasting & purging to heal & recoup. So much has changed in the last 12 months, more has meant less, & less is still more…the impossible happened & it’s finally feeling like the time to move forward. We have been waiting for 2021 to really begin, rather than 2020 lingering on & on.

Here is where it begins.

Key Dates

2nd February 12:05am AEST – Venus 0 Aquarius

9th February 9:00pm AEST – Saturn sextile Chiron

12th February12:59am AEST – Venus conjunct Jupiter 12 Aquarius

12th February 5:05am AEST – New Moon 23 Aquarius

13th February 5:48pm AEST – Mercury conjunct Venus 14 Aquarius

18th February 5:07am AEST – Exact Saturn 7 Aquarius square Uranus 7 Taurus (conjunct 7 Taurus Moon)

18th February 8:43pm AEST – Sun 0 Pisces

21st February 10:51am AEST – Mercury 11 Aquarius – Stations Direct 

25th February 11:11pm AEST – Venus 0 Pisces

February Magical Moment Election

27th February

Just before the Full Moon, beginning when the moon is at 8’49” Virgo, applying to the Ascendant at 4’26” Virgo and finish by 6:17pm AEST when the Moon exactly opposes the Sun.

Check out the Witch: Radiant + Rooted podcast for more in-depth discussion on this magical election and plenty more from the wonderful WWR witches Kim & Chez. And of course, always check these Magical Moments with your own astrology chart to ensure there are no harsh aspects or hindrances!

Pic credits – #1 Albrecht Fietz @ Pixabay; #2; #3 @ Pixabay; jplenio @ Pixabay; #4 Stellarlee Astrology

Be Well and Be Safe ✨