Chart Consultation
BIRTH Chart Consultation

Birth chart consultations provide insight into you.

Have you noticed certain areas of your life come together seamlessly while other parts are a challenge? Perhaps your career is successful but relationships are hard work? Or family always come first but your health is a concern. Your birth chart reveals the key to why.

The focus of a Birth Chart consultation is on you. If you would like to know more about building on your strengths, navigating challenges & accepting opportunities as they arise, this is the consultation for you.

$135 – 90 minute Consultation + Recording + Birth Chart PDF

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Year Ahead Consultation
Year Ahead Consultation

A Year Ahead consultation provides insight into where should you focus your intentions to get the most out of the year ahead.

This consultation looks at which areas of your life will be most active in the next twelve months. Use the astrology of now, & the progression of the planets through your birth chart to set your compass in the right direction.

The focus of a Year Ahead consultation is on using planetary energy to enable you to get the most out of now.

$ 135 ~ 60-90 minute Consultation + Recording + Solar Return & Progressed Chart PDF

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Horary Consultation
Horary Consultation

A Horary Consultation is perfect for yes/no questions, when you are completely invested in getting an answer.

This is an ideal consultation for questions such as locating lost items, whether you will get the job or if you should you make a big move.

This consultation is conducted via email. Once the question has been clarified and accepted, the answer will be provided within 7 days.

Horary is a new addition to my astrological toolbox and is priced accordingly for a limited time.

$54 – Email Consultation & Short Report PDF

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Discovery session
Discovery Session

Would you like to know more about astrology but aren’t ready to commit to a lengthy course?

Discovery Sessions provide one-on-one astrological investigation into your birth chart. We will look at your chart together & discover why not all planets, points & parts are equal. We can discuss your chart as a whole, or focus in on particular topic you wish to know more about right now.

The focus is on learning how to read your birth chart.

$36 – 1 hour session $54 – 2 hour session

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Cartomancy Reading

Cartomancy is a centuries old divination technique interpreting questions using playing cards.

A traditional 9 card spread is used to look at the past, present and future conditions surrounding the question asked.

This reading is conducted via email. Once the question has been clarified and accepted, the answer will be provided within 24 hours.

$36 – 9 Card Reading + Pictures + Short Report PDF

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