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Astrology book reviews covering all astrological styles and subjects, from Astromapping to Zodiacal Releasing and everything in between. Short reads, big on info.

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The Astrology Book Review blog aims to guide you from the (sometimes questionable) stuff you read on the web and your timelines to credible and well-researched astrology books. This is where you will discover astrological textbooks that will become an integral part of your astro education.

Astrological study is a life-long learning experience. The more you know, the more you realise you don’t know. Happy reading!

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The Inner Sky

Steven Forrest LEVEL Beginners, Intermediate, Students ASTRO STYLE Evolutionary, Modern Psychological, Contemporary What is a Sting? Let's start with the ...
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The Rulership Book

Rex E. Bills LEVEL All, but essential for Horary, Mundane and Medical/Health Astrologers ASTRO STYLE All. It's terrifically helpful This ...
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Asteroid Goddesses

The Mythology, Psychology & Astrology of the Re-emerging Feminine Demetra George & Douglas Bloch LEVEL Intermediate - Advanced ASTRO STYLE ...
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The Houses

Temples of the Sky Deborah Houlding LEVEL Intermediate* – Advanced ASTRO STYLE Traditional, Horary, Mundane, Medical, Technical, History Serious fan ...
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Key Words for Astrology

Hajo Banzhaf & Anna Haebler LEVEL All, but terrific for beginners ASTRO STYLE Traditional, Modern Contemporary, Evolutionary, basically all Your ...
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The American Ephemeris

Neil F. Michelsen (Programming) & Rique Pottenger (Revisions) LEVEL Essential for Students to Professionals ASTRO STYLE Data! Numbers! Glyphs! Let’s ...
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Aspects in Astrology

Sue Tompkins LEVEL Second year student to professional. ASTRO STYLE Modern Psychological/ Contemporary but absolutely something here for every astrologer ...
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Rulers of the Horoscope

Alan Oken LEVEL Intermediate to Advanced ASTRO STYLE Modern, Esoteric Astrology with a few twists HOUSE SYSTEM/S USED Placidus, Koch ...
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The Astrologer’s Node Book

Donna Van Toen LEVEL All. It's great for beginners and students, but also a good reference for professionals, especially when ...
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Decanates & Duads

The Zodiac Within Each Sign Frances Sakoian & Louis Acker LEVEL Intermediate to professional ASTRO STYLE Egyptian astrological concepts written ...
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