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Planetary Remediation Beads are created at specific astrological moments to soothe or encourage particular personal energies.

Available in either custom made selected astrological energies or bespoke to suit your intention and Birth Chart

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Each item is meticulously crafted during astrologically elected times, a process that can take days or weeks, depending on the desired outcome and planetary activity – As Above, So Below.

Remediation encourages healing and release of negative or unhelpful patterns that may be preventing you from achieving your goals. Gemstone beads used for remediation are cleansed under the Full Moon to allow ease of release.

Activation enhances positive energy that is available, but may not currently be fully utilised, or have fallen by the wayside. Gemstone beads used for activation are cleansed under the New Moon to encourage growth.

Using planetary energy to realign your personal cycles and rhythms, Planetary Remediation Beads can be used during ritual work, worn as jewellery, kept in the car or handbag, placed under the pillow at night or hung somewhere they will be seen every day. 

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