Sagittarius Solar Eclipse 2020


Of course 2020 goes out with a bang, not a whimper! I recently had the pleasure of chatting all things eclipse with my talented and sassy colleague, astrologer Kim Fairminer.

Kim and I look at each sign to see where you’ll be feeling the burn, or burn out. Check out your rising sign too if you know it, via the time stamps in the comments on the vid.

Hitting Australia in the wee hours of 15th December at 23 degrees of Sagittarius, this eclipse will be visible across South America and the western side of Southern Africa. Check out Time & Date for more information.

As always, we advise against manifesting or setting New Moon intentions during the eclipse. Hold off for a day or so, eclipses can and do produce rather erratic energies. Not exactly the type of vibe you’d want to capture in a spell jar or even on paper, and be stuck with for another 6 months. 2020 has been quite enough, thank you very much.

While this Sagittarian Solar Eclipse is fuelled by fire, the planetary ruler is ol’ Jupiter on the last few days of a very restrictive and uncomfortable stay in Capricorn. If you asked my advice I’d recommend sticking to the rules, stick to the facts and stick with plodding along for now. But you probably won’t want advice, you’ll want action. Me too, me too…

There is a definite do first, think later feel to this eclipse. So if you can’t stop, won’t stop, simply cannot slow down to take a breathe, or bear to hear any words of wisdom, this next line should be easy to remember –

You can’t outrun fire, but you can put preventative measures in place beforehand

And keep a hose handy to put out the little eruptions started in the heat of the moment in your quest for freedom. You’re welcome!

I placed a few eclipse themed easter eggs in my background for a little added zing. Let Kim and I know in the vid comments if you spot any, I had a blast planning them. A bit of safe Sag eclipse fun ?