April Astro

APRIL 2021


April brings us into a more intimate astrological cycle than we have had recently. Plenty of movement in the sky from the planets that we are physically closest to in space, plenty of movement below, in our personal space.

There is a noticeable shift in our communications & thoughts as Mercury whizzes out of dreamy, elusive Pisces, through active, bluntly direct Aries, & into a more considered & practical state of mind in Taurus, all within the first 15 days?! 

Ever-loving Venus steps gracefully off the Aries battlefield & is warmly welcomed into her luxurious, comfortable Taurus home to recover & redress (actions and clothes, ofc!). Any recent tussles or harsh words with beloveds can be soothed from the 19th, when the other person’s point of view suddenly makes sense. And if we are still missing the point there may be a sharp & shocking tipping point in the last week of April to wake, & shake, us up.

The star of the astrological show this month is the famous double act known as the Lunar Nodes aka the North Node & South Node; Rahu & Ketu; the Dragon’s head & the Dragon’s tail; our destiny & our natural-born talents.

With plenty of planetary activity engaging these two non-physical astrological points, in April we get the opportunity to focus on our direction, utilising our innate talents, & a perhaps a lucky break, to assist us. There is a lovely progression to the planetary themes the Nodes touch this month – our values & relationships; our identity & self-belief; our communications & thoughts; & most significantly, our steady determination & forward planning to overcome obstacles preventing us from getting to where we want to be.

Be on the lookout for opportunity & assistance from those we interact with in our everyday lives. And don’t hold back from being someone else’s helping hand!

Karma is at play, but perhaps not in the Westernised way we have come to view the concept. Doing something good or nice for someone else so that good things come around to you is not quite the type of gift being offered here. The current astrological energy is more aligned with doing right with integrity, assisting someone else simply because you can, without external thanks or recognition, while acknowledging the lift in your perception of your actions, internally.

Don’t overthink it, not that fast-moving Mercury will give you much of a chance! Enjoy the dynamic & pleasant vibe of what promises to be a lively & lovely April. A little effort goes a long way right now ?


4th – Mercury into Aries

12th – New Moon 22 Aries

15th – Venus into Taurus

19th – Mercury into Taurus

20th – Sun into Taurus

23rd – Mars into Cancer

27th – Full Moon 7 Scorpio

28th – Pluto retrograde 26 Capricorn


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