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Review – Fixed Star, Sign & Constellation Magic

Fixed Stars, Signs & Constellations book cover


Intermediate to Advanced.

Also a great starter if you are Astro-Magic curious or a Magician who wants to know more about using Astrology in your practice.


Olde School Astrological Magic

“Astrological magic uses electional astrology to choose auspicious times for ritual and making talismans and goes one step further, actively engaging with the spirits and powers of the stars and planets to cause spiritual and material effects”

Christopher Warnock; Fixed Star, Sign & Constellation Magic; p.11
You Can Do Magic 🎶

It was my passion for electional astrology that led me to the interesting and rather niche world of astrological magic. And I’ve gotta say, I love it here. I love poring over my ephemeris to find suitable astrological elections. I love the excitement of planning rituals. I love the ceremony, the preparation, the craftiness. The whole kit and caboodle. So. Much. Love. And it works. Astrological magic really works!

The resurgence in traditional astrology techniques has brought with it a cauldron full of rules, regulations and argument (ofc!) regarding the correct interpretation and usage of the Fixed Stars in astrological practice. I kinda like rules and regulations, and reading the snarky forums on Reddit is genuinely excellent for procrastination, which I am also prone to fond of. So I dug around the forums for recommended books and promptly popped the much adored Picatrix on my Book Depository wish list. I then read a few pages of it, and a few other ancient writings on Google Books. I’m not gonna lie, it was a slog. I found most of them hard work, too convoluted for me to wrap my head around, especially when there are so many other books I want to read. But I kept hearing about this one book that was supposedly superb- Christopher Warnock’s ‘Fixed Star, Sign & Constellation Magic’. I bit the bullet and purchased it a few months ago and I am IMPRESSED!

Practical Magic

Warnock’s extensive research and years of practice in both astrology and astrological magic are evident throughout the book and while it is focused on the basic principles astrological magic, it provides plenty of rabbit holes for those wishing to dig deeper. It is written in an unpretentious style and the concepts within are easy to digest, and better still, accessible. The illustrations by Nigel Jackson and Robert M. Place are wonderful, and there are many more images throughout the book from the original Renaissance and medieval sources. I had my tracing paper and fancy coloured pencils out by chapter 5.

‘Fixed Star, Sign & Constellation Magic’ is not a hefty book, which is terrific for both beginners and people like me who still cart books around in their handbag. Warnock manages to cover a lot of essential information in 135 pages. There are examples of how to elect good charts for creating talismans with only rudimentary astrological knowledge, and Warnock breaks down complicated techniques into simple, easy to follow rules. A breath of fresh air in the generally very complicated world of astro-magic.


I felt confident and inspired enough to make a talisman after one reading of ‘Fixed Star, Sign & Constellation Magic’. Warnock provides information on the source and magical interpretation of each Fixed Star, sign and constellation, as well as recommended glyphs, sigils, candle colours, incense (or not. Yes, looking at you, black hellebore) and invocations to use in each ritual. I was particularly fascinated to learn which Angels correspond to each sign, as I have a gorgeous Angel Tarot deck from Travis McHenry that is now getting much more use. There are easy to follow examples of the elections used to create talismans and Warnock provides both preferred full chart elections for experienced astrologers, and alternate non-full chart methods for the less experienced throughout the book.

I first heard Christopher Warnock when he guested on an early episode of the Astrology Podcast and while curious to know more about his work, I was studying zodiacal releasing at the time and that was taking up all available astro brain space. It was when I discovered the Magical Elections podcast by Nina Gryphon that my interest in using the Fixed Stars in astrological magic really piqued. I purchased a Magical Elections download from Nina and trialled a Spica talisman, one for me and a few for some of my magic-inclined beloveds, to get an idea of what other people’s experiences were compared to mine. Readers, these talismans really work. A word to the wise though, when experienced practitioners such as Warnock and Gryphon advise against particular elections or talismans, as Warnock does for the Wing of Corvus, erring on the side of caution seems kinda, you know, wise. Though I’m sure there’s someone on Reddit who disagrees… 🙄

Hocus Pocus

I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Fixed Star, Sign & Constellation Magic’, and it still hasn’t actually made it to the bookshelf. I keep re-reading it and skimming through my ephemeris looking for dates to do more talisman experiments. A worthy investment and that’s what I like in a book, learning new things that I can use over and over again. ‘Fixed Star, Sign & Constellation Magic’ provides the perfect amount of information to either guide you through your intended rituals, or set you on the road to full blown research into the slightly kooky but oh so interesting world of astrological magic. And that is just Magic!

Must. Own. Fixed Star, Sign & Constellation Magic

You can purchase ‘Fixed Star, Sign & Constellation Magic‘ directly from the author’s website, as well as a trove of other interesting works on astrological magic. I highly recommend checking out Warnock’s Renaissance Astrology site, it’s a little clunky but apparently it is one of the oldest astrological magic websites around, and as such, there is a huge amount of information and resources on there for astrologers and magicians to trawl through at your leisure.

Fixed Star, Sign & Constellation Magic’ is also available at the usuals- paperback at Book Depository, and Amazon has both Kindle and paperback versions. I’d recommend purchasing a physical copy as the illustrations are amazing and you will want to copy them if you decide to give some of the talismans a try. And you absolutely will.

BTW – If you do live in the US or somewhere nearby aka postage costs aren’t a killer, please consider purchasing from the author directly. Ya know, support astrologer and local business and all that sensible stuff.




The Fixed Stars and the Zodiac

Fixed Star & Constellation Elections

Creating and Consecrating Fixed Star, Sign & Constellation Talismans

The 15 Fixed Stars

Constellation Talismans

Sign Talismans

Creating Sign Talismans

There are also 14 appendices with recommendations from Christopher Warnock on sign colours and incense, plus excerpts from the works of Gower, Agrippa, Albertus Magnus, Ramesey and from the Picatrix. Which is great for me, every time I try and read any of these works my head starts to hurt. However if you are an utter nutter for olde timey astrology books and manuscripts, there are plenty of footnotes citing sources so you can do research to your heart’s content.


No index. But in a book this concise it’s not really necessary, so I will forgive and move on.