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Aspects in Astrology

Sue Tompkins


Second year student to professional.


Modern Psychological/ Contemporary but absolutely something here for every astrologer.

Sue Tompkins’ classic book ‘Aspects in Astrology‘ is so well written and easy to read it’s like chatting with an astro friend who knows everything there is to know about aspects that. And then some. I recently read an interview with Sue Tompkins in the August/September 2020 issue of The Mountain Astrologer (TMA) journal and she comes across exactly as I would imagine from her writing- down to earth, amiable and bursting with astrological insight and knowledge. OK, maybe not bursting but definitely a fount of knowledge that runs deep and flows steady. I’d love to sit and listen to her talk one day, if opportunity arises. Check out the article at the link below. If you aren’t already subscribed to TMA and you are serious about astrology, you really need to get this sorted asap!

Between the covers

Aspects in Astrology‘ concisely covers everything you need to know about aspects, just like the title says. From interpreting the aspects, weighting the chart, aspect orbs (a guaranteed conversation starter at your next astrology conference or meeting, preferably after everyone has has a tipple for maximum impact), applying and separating aspects and a super brief but informative paragraph on declination which explains just enough to inspire you to find out more. If you are so inclined check out the brilliant astrology resource that is Astro-Seek at the link below –

There is a brief but detailed chapter on the planets, you could write a basic but believable newspaper horoscope from the information contained in this chapter. Not recommended, but you could if required. The chapter on calculating the aspects is aimed at beginner astrologers, but I’ve given this a second year student up rating because you really want to have the basics down before jumping in here. New astrology students are going to have questions. So. Many. Questions. In my mind (and experience) the first year of astrology studies is for the basics – signs, planets, houses, hours spent chatting about your chart, your family charts, your friend’s charts, your love life, your work life, your new classmates charts, your chart because you just discovered another new Very Important Astrology Concept! Finally, after exhausting yourself, and your teacher, you deep dive into the aspects.


The chapter on Qualities, Elements and Signs is brilliantly detailed, and perfect for getting a handle on configurations. It will also probably motivate you to have another look at your beloved’s and your own chart to look for ‘hereditary’ patterns. And this is what you want out of a ‘classic’ astrology text, inspiration and ‘oooh let me have a look’ moments. The meaning of the aspects covers exactly that, from the standards – conjunction, opposition, trine, square, sextile, quincunx – to what I like to think of as the awkwards – semi-square, semi-sextile, sesquiquadrate and quintile. You know what they say – awkward by nature, awkward by number. Or something like that.

So, to the selling point – aspect interpretations. This section is titled ” A Planetary Cookbook” but it really isn’t compared to many other popular astrology books written in the latter half of last century. In many cases the cookbook style of astro writing is so black and white it can be frustrating and the interps are often so damn final you’re left feeling doomed for life, especially if your chart is rife with hard aspects. With the ‘Aspects in Astrology‘ cookbook you can go easy on the salty. Sue Tompkins writing style is open, for want of a better word. She pulls no punches but also no alarms and no surprises. Each planetary aspect is discussed in a conversational overview with example charts and keywords. You truly get the whole vibe of that particular aspect between those particular planets. It’s terrific. Whether you are inclined to traditional, contemporary, sidereal or any other astrological bent, here you will get the gist of the aspect. No judgement, no excuses. Wonderful.

Must. Own. Aspects in Astrology

Aspects in Astrology‘ is available at the usuals – paperback version from Book Depository and Amazon, digital at Amazon, and lo and behold – it may also be available at your local bookstore, it is that popular. This is definitely and definitively another Must Own for any astrology library.

Happy astro reading!

Find out more about Sue Tompkins work in Astrology & Homeopathy here-

Check out the TMA interview with Sue Tompkins mentioned above, and while you are there get a subscription! It is an immense and credible resource for all astrologers and astrology enthusiasts. And cheap as chips for the digital version, even if you live on the other side of the world and you haven’t had a great currency exchange rate since last century…


Part One: The Principles of Aspect Interpretation


Dividing the Circle & Calculating Aspects

The Meaning of Aspects

Interpreting Aspects in Practice

Qualities, Elements & Signs in Aspect

Part Two: A Planetary Cookbook

Sun Aspects

Moon Aspects

Mercury Aspects

Venus Aspects

Mars Aspects

Jupiter Aspects

Saturn Aspects

Aspects between the Outer Planets

Part Three: The Angles

The Ascendant – Midheaven Complex

Planets & Angles





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