May Magical Moments

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There is a lot happening in the celestial sphere in May. We chose to work with the New Moon in Taurus – Wednesday 12th May AEST – before the Nodal axis moves to Taurus/Scorpio and shakes things up.

This lunation is gentle & encourages getting in touch with the natural world.

Take some time to ground yourself in the beauty around you.

Visit your local farmer’s market & whip up a delicious soup.

Find your voice & sing like no one is listening.

My favourite election for May is at the end of the month – Monday 31st May – just as the Sun is rising above the horizon. The early bird gets the goods!

The glorious energy of Royal Fixed Star Aldebaran at 9º -10º Gemini can be captured for success, respect & recognition.

I have big plans for this Magical Moment!

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