May Astro

Untangling the Knots

We are all keen as mustard about Jupiter dipping into Pisces mid-month, it will be delightful, for sure. But May will be all about the Lunar Nodes. Yes, again! Same same. But different. 

A little getting to know you on the Nodes before we dive into May astrology. The North Node in our birth chart is focused, it’s where we want to be but it’s just so much hard work. Any knowledge we gain from our North Node we hold close & give away sparingly. We had to work hard for it, so everyone else can too! The South Node in our birth chart is more readily dispersed, we are so damn comfortable here it feels too easy. We freely share our South Node knowledge, hell, we were born knowing it so why not give it away!

Our natal South Node placement is where we hold sole power over what happens, we are the Kings and Queens of this space. Our North Node placement needs an ‘other’ to get things happening. The goal – karmic purpose if you will – is the achieve balance between the Nodes. It takes a lifetime, or maybe many, who knows for sure, right? But this is what is required to master the Nodal opposition. And a taut & thin tightrope it is indeed.

The Lunar Nodes aka the North & South Nodes are always opposing each other. When the Moon gets close to one Node or the other, we have eclipses. We will see (literally here in Australia!) our first eclipse this year on the 26/5 AEST. It’s a total lunar eclipse & it will be a definite tension point if it is hitting your chart. And in general. But we expect this from eclipses, no?

This month we get the opportunity to work with the Nodes all month long. It probably won’t be a comfortable job, but doing the Work never is. But it will feel ‘right’ & satisfying come the month’s end if we get to it using May’s celestial assistance.

The first week in May we get our Old Master of Responsibility – Saturn – working with the Nodes, happily providing us time & inclination to engage in the Work with purpose. Pay attention to what comes up at the beginning of the month. What feels too hard? What flows easily? These two things will be important for the rest of the month when…

Our favourite wise old Centaur, Chiron, steps in, replacing Saturn as he wonders off to lay low for a while (hallelujah!). From the second week in May all the way past the eclipse at the end of the month, we get the opportunity, dare I say, pleasure, of helpful aspects between the Nodes and Chiron. A chance to untangle the knots!

So, what does this mean for us? Imagine standing in front of a locked door that holds some sort of personal treasure. We have no idea what the treasure is but we know it’s important to us. We want it. It is ours so let us in! During May Chiron and the Nodes provide us with a keyring full of keys and the Work is to find the key that unlocks that door & shows us the goodies inside.

This is the time to recalibrate our goals, & if you have none in mind, get that shit sorted now & set some up. Manifesting starts with a plan. And YOLO doesn’t cut it when the Nodes are involved. 

Here is how we do it (personal safety first of course!) – 

Look at what is easy & comfortable; how & where can we share this knowledge most effectively? 

What makes us uncomfortable or anxious, what is our ‘It’?

Where can we find the ‘other’ who can assist us here? 

What is the worst that can happen if we don’t run away from ‘It’?

How will we feel if we don’t even try ‘It’?

This May, make time for contemplation each day, a few minutes wisely spent. 

Stretch yourself out of that comfort zone. 

Opportunity is knocking. 

The key is in your hand ?

? From Pixabay

Key – Uwe Baumann

Eclipse – Christy Miller

Knots – Tante Tati

Crown – S Hermann & F Richter