January 2021

Monthly Astro

So Many Questions

There is a fated feel to January. Too much shifting energy too fast tends to unsettle us humans, unless we have instigated it of course.

We may have set events in motion months ago without having an actual clear view of where we would end up. So here we are. 2020 is over. Except it isn’t. We still have loose ends to tie up & coal to sift through to find the diamonds formed from all the pressure we have been under.

Monthly Overview

There is a lot going on astrologically atm, you may have noticed…

The tension between Mars in Taurus & Saturn in Aquarius shows our actions have consequences. Full stop.

Mercury & the Sun activate Pluto in the first half of the month stirring up deep hidden issues around our communications & our ego. Venus gets a brief turn at the end of the month & our values make the call.

Jupiter & Chiron show us wanting to find a way to heal but resistance comes from Mars in the hot spot all month. Things look explosive. I sincerely hope not literally.

The Capricorn New Moon is on ‘sort this shit out starting from the top’ Pluto. The Leo Full Moon is amplified by Jupiter & feeling the tension & unpredictability of Uranus & Mars.

As we shift our focus to the future, there will be no forgetting 2020.

There will be no ‘return to normal’.

We expected to be all the best things, all the time & love all of it. Most of us could not & did not. It is not natural to our rhythms as human beings. The health, beauty & leisure industries has become billion-dollar Big Business. Yet we feel less healthful, less beautiful & have less leisure time.

So We Ask Ourselves

The world is damaged, it has changed, we have changed – how can we keep the change going, & grow with it?

Are we representing ourselves & our ego, or our future?

Are we prepared to acknowledge our mistakes & make reparations?

Are we ready to accept that we have fucked up by politicizing issues that should be wrapped in integrity?

Will we continue to place celebrity, wealth & beauty on a pedestal, but not our healthcare workers?

Nothing like a pandemic warped by politics to make us seek answers.

Or hope at the very least…

Stay hopeful.

Stay safe.