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When is an Astrology Book Review not an actual book review? You’re looking at it!

This blog is all about astrology books and resources online. Best of all, some of them are free! #winning

The current astro-weather has had me both on the go and laying low. My attention span has reduced to that of a small child, while my mind is full of a million thoughts. Per minute. Periods like these make me grateful I am an astrologer so I at least know what’s going on with my stop/start attitude to life at the moment. It doesn’t make it any less frustrating. But I can at least see the end point, and that’s gonna have to do for now.

I’ve put the books down for now, as the best I can do is a quick scan of a paragraph or two and then a deep and lengthy pondering session, not always related to what I have just read. When I am in a Major Procrastination Mood like this, I always end up in my kitchen. I call it procrasti-cooking. Some of my best meals are the byproduct of my dithering. I’ve taken to bookmarking online astrology resources on my iPad mixed in with my saved recipes. My bookmarks are a mess but I at least feel I am still learning. I also highly recommend checking out Nagi at Recipetin Eats for meal inspo & amazing recipes while you’re online. You’re welcome!

Procrasti-cooking with passionfruit.

Panna Cotta and curd butter.

A++ would do again.

In September I attended an AFAN discussion group on my favourite topic – books. If you aren’t a member of the Association for Astrological Networking yet, check them out, the discussion groups are great but they offer so much more including legal support, grants and scholarships. One of the many excellent recommendations was from Presiding Officer, Giulio, who showed us an interesting & impressive mix of online resources. I am already a huge user of the online resources offered with my local public library membership. I’m not sure how it is in other countries but here in Australia we can also join our State Library and the National Library for free and get access to an even greater variety of online resources.

The sites and resources suggested below are not all free, but those that do charge for access are quite reasonable, especially if you live in the USA and don’t have to deal with the pesky and exxy exchange rate as us Aussies do. For those of us who do live Down Under, I’m gonna say it again – I cannot recommend joining your local public library highly enough. It’s free! And if you are already a member but it’s been a while since you had a look at your local library’s databases and online services, get on it, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I’m putting in a Rabbit Hole disclaimer before we get to the good stuff. There are many many long and winding holes to fall into on these sites. So if you are like me and inclined to procrastinating while cooking and reading up on astro topics online at the same time, set a timer so you don’t burn the food!

Scribd is an ebook subscription service. It is currently free for 30 days, then $8.99 per month. The astrology selection on this site is huge. There are over 15,000 astro specific ebooks available at time of writing, including Liz Greene, Howard Sasportas, Bernadette Brady and one of the Astrology Book Review’s fave astro books, reviewed here, ‘Key Words for Astrology‘. You can also access over 129,000 astrology docs, including works by Demetra George and John Frawley, over 3000 audiobooks and almost 2000 articles, including the Wellbeing Astrology magazine, edited by our favourite ex-pat Aussie astrologer, Kelly Surtees. What a site! Rabbit Hole warning! Bookmark this one because it is a treasure trove of information about every single topic you can think of. And astrology, of course.

Skyscript is an astrological wonderland. Created by astrologer Deb Houlding, this site has been in my bookmarks forever. The articles are second to none. The forums are an incredible source of pretty credible information, as far as forums go. Rabbit Hole Warning here too.

I am pretty certain most astrology enthusiasts are already familiar with but I have to add it here as it is an incredible free resource for almost any astrological question or topic. If you are familiar with their daily horoscopes but haven’t had a full wander through the site, move from the Free Horoscope tab to to All About Astrology and you are welcome, Rabbit Hole Warning, yet again.

If Esoteric Astrology is your jam, you absolutely must bookmark, for the works of the great Theosophist writer Alice Bailey. While not free, they are not badly priced and if you want them, they are all here! There is also a wonderful collection of spiritual resources on this site. Hot tip- if you are on a .org site, they are usually relying on donations to keep them going, so payment is more of a donation.

Don’t forget Kindle! You can download the app to your device and read on the go, which was terrific for the old you and will be again for future you, the world traveller. 2020 won’t last forever folks, I promise! There are so many astrology books available at seriously cheap prices, including a long time fave of mine, ‘Mythic Astrology‘ by Ariel Guttman.

One more reminder. Local libraries. Check them out! Here in Australia the online resources I currently use the most are Libby, rbdigital and Borrowbox. You can also suggest/request subscriptions to digital magazines such as The Mountain Astrologer. They do need to be approved by more than just the person you contact, so it won’t happen overnight, and there are no guarantees, but it’s always worth a try, inclusivity is on the mission statement of every public library! You can put in a request by emailing the Head Librarian or Reader Services at your local library. I suggest doing it on Mercury’s Day at sunrise for maximum impact 😉

I’ve left out so many terrific and informative, and most importantly, credible astrological resources here. Let me know if you have any amazing online sites that you use to access astrology information from. I have no doubt I will be doing another post on this topic again. Happy astro-reading!

Now, back to procrasti-cooking!

pic #1 credit – siklife @ pixabay